every body . I would like to introduce myself as a Technical Artist with true love and passion for 3D-Animation. I believe in technology and I am always ready to adopt it.......... I am self learner ready to share knowledge with others.
main skills are Rigging , Effects ,Mel,Fur,Hair & N-cloth.
Other skills are Animation,Modeling ,Lighting/Rendering Technique with conceptual learning.
Hobby Cricket , Net Browsing , Writing Ghazal-Hazhl-Poetry...

Feel free to mail me any time !!!!


A big thanks to Mr. Siju Thomas (Director/Mentor/Guide & Many More) for inspiring me & A big motivator, friend Mr. Satyajeet to make me enter in animation industries. Thanks to Mohamed Mihoss ( Slovenian ) student but learn lot from him & for forcing me to create blog and share knowledge with others....

Short Movie

These are the Short Movie done in Nitte-Toonskool as Final year Project for the B,Sc Animation (Course).These all movie done with big time constrain .Following college time table  with Exam , Classes, Assignment , Test......It was not easy task to do a short film........
I like to Congrats Mr.Tharik , Mr.Ayan Basu , Mr . Anandodeep Mr. Amit , Mr. Bala . All the staff and  Students of  Toonskool/i-Nurture for supporting in all the way to complete these movies.

Cup of Life

Hot Persuit

Bubba Dubba

The Dream


The Cure


Mind`s Eye

Yummy Cheesy Corn


Tinku Minku

This Movie is done by I-Semester students as Traditional Cutout Exercise..

A Bug's Love